Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Live Recording coming up!

Ernesto Tamayo will release his first live recording with over an hour of music.  This record has a compilation of live concert recordings from recent concert tours.  The program features the entire Bach Suite BWV 1006a in E Major, La Catedral, Variations by Sor of a Magic Flute theme by Mozart, Silvious Leopold Weiss Fantasia, two works by Ernesto Tamayo, Voices and Echoes and Maripozas, and Leo Brouwer twenty studies.  Stay tune for the progress of this record.  Ernesto has used his two Stephan Connor guitars for these concerts and recordings.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ernesto Tamayo's live performance of Bach Prelude BWV 1006a

The Lancaster International Guitar Festival & Competition

Ernesto Tamayo has organized four classical guitar festivals in Lancaster, PA.  The 2012 festival took place at The Ware Center in Lancaster.  This festival not only included concerts, but also an international competition.

Judges Rebecca Anchebach, President Marcia Englar and Jeremy Harting

Ernesto Tamayo meet competitors for the first time,
 and help judges with the order using John Clare's hat.

Ana and Ernesto rehearsing for lighting and stage position

The festival started with competitors in the semi-final round on Friday, March 30th at 9:00AM.  At 3:00PM Duo Zema-Lencses gave a Master Class.  The evening concert featured Ana Vidovic and Ernesto Tamayo in concert.  Ana played the first half of the concert, Ernesto played the second half, and the closing highlight was the Scarlatti duet Ana and Ernesto played together.  This was a sold-out event which it was followed by a VIP reception.  The finalists of the competition were announced during the concert as well by Ernesto Tamayo himself.

Ernesto Tamayo and Ana Vidovic rehearsing & at the concert

Ernesto Tamayo performing the second half of the first evening concert.

On Saturday, March 31st, the competition final round started at 10:00AM.  This event was open to the public.  Competitors were Matt Bacon, Scott Borg, Mark Edwards, and Ruben Pennestri.  In the afternoon by 3:00PM Guitarist Paul Morton and Matt Bacon gave a presentation on encouraging young guitarists to persue their career and also a presentation on Chamber Music.  Marcia Englar and the Millersville guitar ensemble performed as well pieces arranged by Marcia, and the Lancaster Classical Guitar Institute ensemble performed the London Trio by Joseph Haydn.

Ernesto Tamayo and his midnight coffee

                        Duo Zema-Lencses & Marco Antolin       John Clare & Ana Vidovic

The eighteen century salute between Herr Clare and Herr Tamayo

Competition awards started at 7:30PM.  Mayor of Lancaster Rick Gray, supported Gina Russo, and Harvey Owen were called to the stage to give the prizes, as well as the President of the Jury Marcia Englar, and members of the Jury Jeremy Harting, Rebecca Anchebach, and Michael Kirkpatrick.  An honorable Mention was given to Matt Bacon, Third Prize ($1000.00 dollars) to Ruben Pennestri, Second Prize ($1500.00 dollars) to Scott Borg, and First Prize ($3500.00 dollars) to Mark Edwards.  All competitors received strings donated by Daddario String Company.

Duo Zema-Lencses

The Festival and Competition Committee thanks all the participants and voluntaries who kindly worked towards the success of this wonderful and memorable event.  NPR/Bradcaster John Clare visited us from Texas to document every moment of the Festival.  A documentary is being produce and it will be release soon!